Glen was the winner of the Philly's Funniest Comedy Competition!. His TV credits includes "Comedy at Club 54", ”Comedy Show-N-Tell” and “The Forensic Files” Catch him in the recently released psychological thriller "Fingerprints" with Lou Diamond Philips!

Glen's hilarious mixture of Down Home views, wrapped in a cynical urban coating; keeps the normal folk on the edge of their seats, laughing!!!

Grover Silcox of "Good Day Philadelphia" calls him "A uniquely funny laid back character. If the world exploded, he would say, "Now we can stop worrying about parking."

As a regular in Las Vegas and Atlantic City and with a work ethic like no other, Glen Jensen performs over 40 weeks per year. Glen's unique style and perfectly timed material has been impressing audiences across the United States and Canada and have earned him opening spots for The Doobie Brothers, Al Jarreau and Spyro Gyra.


Fingerprints is based on an urban legend out of San Antonio, Texas about a school bus full of children that was involved in a terrible accident with a train leaving all the children dead.

A group of scientists must stop a mysterious creature from attacking a small town. A special Army Unit, led by General Jernigan (Glen Jensen), is called in to contain the creature, and if necessary, destroy the town.

The centuries old battle between the powers of heaven and the forces of hell have collided in a final modern day showdown.

The Eve of St. George is upon them, and they must find the perfect sacrifice, a child with an untainted ancestry to St. George, to resurrect their ancient leader.